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I have recently written a couple of dances which are described here. Please feel free to try the dances out, let me know how you got on.






 Sandra and Erics Ruby Celebration Contra


Longways, improper 


 Paul is 70!


Longways, improper 







Sandra and Erics Ruby Celebration Contra

 I wrote this dance for Sandra and Eric and it was first danced at their Ruby wedding aniversary party at the Earls Barton Folk Dance Club.

Phrase Bar Steps Instruction
A1 1-4 8 With your neighbour do-si-do to a wave
  5-8 8 Swing through, half right and half left if you can
A2 1-4 8 Starting with your partner, passing right, Half Hey
  5-6 4 Gypsy three quarters with partner, in to lines up and down the room
  7-8 4 Lines forward and back ONLY two steps forward and two back
B1 1-4 8 Flutter wheel, ladies take right hands and turn, pick up partner and stop when ladies are back in place
  5-8 8 Half circle right
B2 1-8 16 Balance and swing partners, end up facing neighbour ready to start again

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Paul is 70!

This dance came out a few jottings that I made on the train home one eveing. It went through a couple of iterations and given a working title Contra No 2 until an opportunity came along to use it, which was Paul's 70th birthday party on 4th May 2014 at Great Bowden Village Hall. Knowing that both Paul and Barbara are both keen on contra dances I thought that this was appropriate.

 Notes:  This is a double progression dance.
  The A2 phrase needs to be pushed as there is alot of ground to cover. 
  The dance is quite complicated, and should only be attempted with experienced dancers.


Phrase Bar Steps Instruction
A1 1-2 4

This figure will end in an ocean wave. To get there the men left hand turn 7/8 (i.e. 3/4 and a touch more) into a line across the set. First man facing up, 2nd man facing down


Ladies cast 3/4, so that the first lady is facing up and the second lady is facing down on the end the  a wave

Looking down the hall form the callers point of view you now have left to right: second lady, first man, second man, first lady

  3-4 4 Balance forward and back in the wave
  5-8 8

Swing through

Looking down the hall form the callers point of view you now have left to right: first man, first lady, second lady, second man

A2 1-2 4 Partners a right hand turn, once around, handing the ladies in so that the ladies can pass left in to a Dolphin hey
  3-6 8

Ladies pass left into a dolphin hey, first couples do the dolphin movement, partners follow.

Do a whole dolphin hey and one more turn so that

  7-8 4

First couple go down between the second couple. Second couple come up outside of teh ones. Face a new first or second couple comming towards you. This is the first progression.

Change sides if at the end of the set.

B1 1-4 8 Mirror do-si-do
  5-8 8 Circle half left
B2 1-2 4 Half a two hand turn with partner
  3-4 4 Single balance with your partner
  5-8 8

End up facing a new couple ready to start again. This is the second progression.

Change sides if at the end of the set.

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